Monday, September 11, 2006

Campbells & General Mills

It's that time of year again... Time to clip and send those labels & box tops to school. But does the school really get anything out of these little things? YES!!!

Last year General Mills sent Mari-Linn School a check for over $200 because we took the time to send in those teeny tiny little pink squares. Our "account" with Campbells will help us purchase playground equipment like dodge balls, tether balls and jump ropes for recesses. So, yes, it does help our school succeed.

Campbells is changing the way labels are accepted. Instead of sending the entire front side of the label, they are now asking for only the small rectangle that has the UPC bar on it. Have you already cut off the front label? That is OK, but PLEASE bring them to the school as soon as you can. We have been given until November 1st., 2006 to turn in those labels before they will no longer accept them.

Please visit these wonderful companies to learn more about how they help our schools.


General Mills: