Friday, November 23, 2007

A Success!

The Canyon Craft Bazaar was a success! Thank you to those of you that spent Saturday, the 17th with us. It was an awesome sight seeing so many happy shoppers come through the doors.

Events like this could never happen without the loyal, hard working & dedicated volunteers that grace the PTA with their presences. If you see any of the people listed below, please stop and thank them for the countless hours of volunteering they do for our school.

Brandy Hill, Lindsay Hill, Kaeli Hill,
Judy Seeger, Rosa Carbaugh, Mike Cargaugh,
Mandi Atiyeh, Paula Sandefur, Tasha Petersen,
Kamala Voth, Bethany Voth, Jeff Comstock,
Trina Butler, Traci Rayas, Tammy Craft,
Lisa Reedy, Kimberly, Ali and Madison Knox

We would also like to thank J.M.J Photography!!! Mari-Linn PTA will receive 10% donation of all appointments made at the bazaar. To schedule a sitting for holiday portraits please contact Jayme Manning at 503*339*5708.