Friday, December 07, 2007

A Successful Holiday Store

The PTA Holiday Store was a success! It was a pleasure helping the children purchase gifts for the holidays. Thanks to our fantastic teachers, students where allowed to visit the store during class time. Tremendous gratitude goes to Mr. Rasmussen’s sixth grade class. Each of you did a fantastic job shopping with the Kindergarten students! We plan to use this technique with future K5 students.

As with all programs we participate in, we could never do it without help. Volunteers make sacrifices that many times go unnoticed. The PTA tries to never forget that. Time volunteering is never time wasted. It does make a difference!! With that being said, we give our sincere appreciation to the following people:

Jacki Valentine, Kamala Voth, Traci Rayas, Brandy Hill, Kimberly Knox, Chelene Schafer, Lisa Reedy, Rosa Carbaugh, Cathy Griswold, Adrienne Rymer, Molly Makinson, Tasha Petersen, Robyn Couperus, Mandi Atiyeh, Penny Nash, Michelle Means and Pearl Bettman

We would like to wish each of you a safe, happy & healthy holiday season. Our first meeting of "2008" will be Thursday, January 10th at 6:30 PM.
Hope to see you there!