Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Project Playground!!

The weekend of October 2-4th local businesses & volunteers donated many hours, materials and equipment to resurface the area around the playground. Please join with us and thank the following for the amazing amount of generosity given to Mari-Linn School:

Emery & Sons Construction
** Value of $4,000.00

Allied Rock Pit
** Value of $970.00

Siegmund Excavation & Construction
** Value of $800.00

Freres Lumber Company
** Value of $1,450.00

Our fantastic Mari-Linn family volunteers weeded stations around the track & flowerbeds, raked the playground, picked up litter and picked up rocks. Our many thanks goes to:

The Atiyeh Family
The Hill Family
The Couperus Family
The Knox Family
The Griswold Family
The Franklin Family
The Hendricks Family
The Johnson Family
Tim McCollister, NSSD Board Member/Freres Lumber Co. Employee

Special thank you to Arin Atiyeh, Scott Knox, Adrew Siegmund & Justin Johnson who spend the entire weekend working on the playground. The expertise, hard work & generosity are appreciated by 215 students who enjoy the playground year round.

When we come together to lend a hand, amazing things happen in the canyon!